Notes outline

I use outline a lot, particularly in notes. I would like to default to 1.a.A.I.
is there a way to create a default outline?

There is unfortunately no way of saving whole list structures to a preset or default, as you’re thinking of it. That would in and of itself be a nice thing, but the tools we have to work with are not very capable, to put it bluntly, of going beyond extreme basics.

With that said, this is a good point to bring up that Scrivener, as whole, is an outliner. One of the reasons we’ve never put a lot of effort into turning the text editor into a hybrid outlining tool is because it already is an outliner at the highest level. One is meant to build ideas and jot down notes in the outline—not in the text field itself. That’s where you put the bulk text of a note, or if the outline represents some structural aspect of your work, the text of your work.

Here is some further reading on the matter.

I’ll understand if that is not your cup of tea, some really like just using the text editor to outline, but that should at least give you perspective on where we are coming from.

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