Notes, References, keywords icons in 1.9

I noticed they’ve moved the icons and had one thought. The panel that these affect is still at the bottom.

Just a suggestion…But if they moved these buttons, they should have also flip-flopped the Synposis panel so the changes are happening right under the buttons, not at the bottom.

Also, the bottom panel needs some sort of bar to aesthetically finish it off like the Binder and the Editor. Right now my notes, etc. seem to merge with the desktop, because visually there is no seperator.

Otherwise, this update seesm identical to 1.8.6 though I’m sure a lot of changes have been made under the hood that I haven’t come across yet.

I haven’t updated yet. Are the screenshots on the Lit&Lat Website updated to 1.9? Or could someone post a screenshot or two here?


Since I was the one to mention it, I grabbed a screen shot of the right side of the workspace. (Yes, I mistyped “breakdown” in the sample window.)

But notice how the icons are at the top above the synopsis, but the project notes, keywords, etc., panel is still at the bottom.

Also notice how the notes just sort of bleed off with no defining edge, except for the 1px line that Windows puts around the workspace.

Not anything big at all, but just thought I’d mention it. I figure any software update from anyone these days that doesn’t break too much is a good update.

I like the new layout

Thanks, umbrella, I see what you mean. Points well taken, though the icons at the top is, I think, an improvement. Have there been any changes to the Binder side of the interface?

BTW, it looks like the screenshots on the main Website have not yet been updated to 1.9. One thing at a time, though!


I’m not seeing any changes on the binder.

Yes, I like the icons at the top, too. I just think they went halfway in the implementation—tool bar icons should be adjacent to the windows they are affecting.

But it’s just an opinion and a feature I don’t think they’re going to change, so I’ll learn to live with it. Maybe there are keyboard commands for these, too.