Notes vs Scratchpad vs Document Notes: What's the difference in use-case?

Why would I use one over the other? Or, for what reasons would you use the scratchpad vs notes vs document notes?

I guess the answer is probably it’s up to me and my workflow? I guess, I was wondering then, what were the intentions of these three different note-taking areas of the authors who designed them?

Yes, it’s up to you and your workflow.

The Scratchpad is the best choice if you want the notes to be accessible outside of Scrivener or across multiple projects, as its files are stored in a separate folder, rather than as part of a particular project. (Important reminder: This means that Scrivener’s automatic backups do NOT protect Scratchpad files.) So maybe you come across something while doing research for Project A that might be relevant to Project B. Or your significant other reminds you to pick up the mail, and you want to jot a reminder down with the minimum overhead.

As the names imply, Document Notes and Project Notes are associated with, respectively, specific documents and with the project as a whole. So you might use the first for revision notes for a particular document, the second for the overall project deadline schedule.

Project Notes in particular will be changing a bit in Scrivener 3:


I see. Thanks for the thoughtful response - Loving Scrivener…