Nothing displayed in outline view

Am I doing something basically wrong here, or is it a bug?

In Corkboard view, I see this:

Cabaret - Scrivener 2015-05-05 12.59.15.png
But in Outline view I see this:

Cabaret - Scrivener 2015-05-05 12.59.40.png
Where are the files? Where is the header bar with ‘Title, Synopsis’ etc?

In my other Scrivener projects, outline view displays ok.

Ok, got it.
There’s a list of fields on the View/Outline Columns menu. If none of these are checked then nothing is visible in Outliner view.

Yes, if no meta-data is displayed then nothing shows. But there should always be at least one column here to avoid that kind of confusion, so we’ll address that in the future.