Nothing's Oblong - and not before time :)

After a lot of ups and downs, finally, my novel Nothing’s Oblong is available. Thanks to Scrivener I was able to give this book a darn good going over and self-publish it – after several years of to and fro with a publisher who’d got me into print already but couldn’t decide on this one, and subsequent loss of motivation and general giving-up-ness, I decided last year to dust it off and get it out the door myself.

Here’s the blurb:

Here’s the link:

Nothing’s Oblong on Amazon (Kindle)

For those who may be interested, it was influenced by reading Kafka, BS Johnson, and probably quite of other decidedly un-literary stuff that I can’t recall…

It would warm both my cockles and my wallet (both in need of some warming right now, I can tell you) if some of you would make this small purchase – If you do, please feel free to spread the word and leave a review (it’s on Goodreads as well).

Currently NO is my only available novel, but I am working on two more, and have some more short stories due in print in the summer. Things other than writing have taken priority for too long, so now I’m trying to get back on the literary wagon again. I’m sure you know the feeling.



Having read the first four chapters, and been intrigued by them, I have invested the not insubstantial cost of a pint of Guinness, in the rest of the book. If it turns out to be rubbish, I’m sending you the bill. :open_mouth:

Good Luck with Nothing’s Oblong :wink:

A hearty thanks! Beer’s not as cheap as it used to be, that’s for sure…

Yes, it looks interesting from a “look inside” so another purchaser here.

Nearly the price of a bottle of wine - well, the sort of wine I drink anyway.

Wot’s that… Co-Op’s Mongolian Red?

Still reading, and still intrigued :smiley:

Luxury! I dream of Mongolian Red.

Pricing is actually a bit of a thorny problem. I didn’t want to put it out for 99p or something, but thought anything more than say half the price of a paperback would be too much, considering the lack of actual costs… I settled on three quid after looking at what else was out there in a similar kind of vein. I think Amazon base the international pricing on USD though, which may skew things…

Anyway, thank you both 8)