NovaMind for Screenwriters

This interesting, perhaps because it works from a base of mindmapping to a screenplay. The tutorials are probably among the best anywhere. Perhaps Scrivener could go this way - brilliant mix of excellent graphics and screenshots with adequate, friendly text.

Don’t think I would use this app myself (for writing), but it may just appeal to others, so here it is:

From the NovaMind web site.

You can write your complete movie/play/TV script in NovaMind and upon completion, view all the scripts compiled as the one document using the Screenplay Preview before printing. If required, reordering of scripts is easy by using the drag or graft mode to reorder the branches with attached scripts.

NovaMind can also export your scripts into RTF, FCF, PDF and TXT format to be shared or imported into Movie Magic, Final Draft, text edit, Word and many other programs.

The Screenwriting Interface … ample.jpeg

The beauty of a screenwriting program is that it will format your script while you think of the important things - your script content. NovaMind formats according to movie industry standards for font, margin settings, line spacing, mores, continueds, element standards and page numbering. It’s intuitive interface will cycle through the script elements in logical sequence - action, character name, parenthetical, dialogue, transition, scene etc. By using your return and tab keys NovaMind will progress to the next logical element to follow what you have just typed. Alternatively, function keys have been assigned to each element for quick selection. Text completions save re-typing of character names, scene headings, int/ext. and time of day. All this is in addition to the standard features of NovaMind, which are all included in the screenwriter edition too.

Of course, do remember that you can use Scrivener very adequately for drafting a screenplay. :slight_smile: It’s already being used by a couple of professional screenwriters, in fact - one of whom works on one of my favourite TV programmes. Uh, yeah, that was just a pointless boast.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the documentation. I am starting work on that soon, so I will check out the NovaMind docs as soon as I get chance.

All the best,

This is really quite unfortunate, because Textmate has its own screenwriting bundle, and I’m just as big a fan of Textmate as I am of Scrivener. It’s not even debating the relative merits of one or the other; I simply like to keep as much of my work in one place as possible. If Scriv or TM lacked screenwriting, I’d be saved the decision.

It’s a good thing, then, that I’m not a screenwriter.

Hi cruxdestruct.

The point about NovaMind is that it takes a very different approach to writing than most dedicated writing applications - it is a mind mapping application. It approaches screenwriting (and other writing) from a mind mapping stance. At the core of mind mapping is the notion that you make mental connections that you can map to help you make decisions and build links between related ideas.

For example, in Harry Potter, the following ideas are connected but are spread over the length of the book. So you could set these out in a mind map to show the links and the links that the links themselves make with other links (ha ha). So, these can be given header status in NovaMind and you can see how hey could then be embellished and become either whole or part chapters. This is the way mind-mapping is applied to writing:

Hero absents himself from his own world

Harry Potter [Hero] has been orphaned and is forced to
live in the home of his cruel aunt and uncle, the
Dursleys, in a Muggle world.

Hero receives interdiction

Harry is told by the Dursleys not to go to Hogwart’s
school of wizardry

Interdiction is violated

Harry accepts the invitation to Hogwart’s school of wizardry

Villain attempts to deceive or to take possession

Unknown to all, Voldemort [Villain] has taken over the
body of Professor Quirrel.

Villain harms member of Hero’s family

Harry learns from Hagrid that Voldemort has killed his parents.

This harm made known: Hero goes/ is sent on a mission

Harry embarks on a mission to recover the philosopher’s
stone and meets with setbacks (meets Fluffy).

Hero gets helper and/ or magical agent

Harry receives (unexpectedly) a top-of-the-range
broomstick, a Nimbus 2000.

Difficult task set for Hero

Harry is charged with retrieving the ‘golden snitch’ in a
game of Quidditch.

Hero uses magical agent.

Harry uses the Nimbus 2000 in the Quidditch game and Snape’s counter spell, even though Harry is unaware of it.

Task is accomplished.

Harry successfully retrieves the golden snitch.

Hero and Villain join in combat.

Harry and Voldemort join combat - through Quirrel’s spell and attempt to steal the Philosopher’s stone (Strong link here to Nicholas Flemel).

Hero is branded (this would link to the prologue where Harry is left on the Dursley’s doorstep).

Harry has acquired a lightning-shaped scar through an
earlier encounter with Voldemort.

Villain’s aid is exposed

Quirrel exposed as the host of Voldemort.

Villain’s aid is transformed

Quirrel transformed into dust during the combat.

Villain is defeated

Voldemort is defeated.

Villain is punished

Voldemort forced to leave the body of his dead host.

Initial misfortune is set right.

In the Hogwart’s school competition, Harry’s house,
Gryffindor is reinstated above their cheating rivals Slytherin.

Hero returns home

Harry leaves Hogwart’s for the summer recess.

Some people think in pictures and some think in words. This is a great application for those who want to end up with words, but think in pictures.

I was most impressed with the way they go about their tutorials and that was a second reason for posting this reference.

Yeah, Mind mappers are not made for those like me. I don’t think in pictures, or maps, or abstract concepts linked up to each other. I think in phrases, dialogue, and orphaned paragraphs, which I torturously build upon over a very long time.

Still, always nice to see attention paid to documentation.

I’m not a screen writer, but I do use Nova Mind to brainstorm the action within my chapters.

As a matter of fact, N-M helped me unblock a few serious creativity stupors over the last month or two.