This August will be ten years since the idea of Novel-in-a-Day was first mooted on this forum. 25 brave and adventurous souls signed up and, a few short weeks later our very first collaborative novel, “The Dark”, was born! To celebrate, we’re running a very special edition of Novel in a Day on SATURDAY AUGUST 14th 2021 where we will be creating a TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION of The Dark.

I’m actually new to NiaD – how does it work!

Novel-in-a-Day is an annual event where a group of writers from across the planet get together and write a novel. A whole novel. In a single day.

If you’re new to NiaD please check out the FAQs for more details and background, but essentially:

  1. At midnight (UK time) on the day of the event you’ll be emailed a brief of what you need to include in your chapter.
  2. You go away and write your section. (Normally this would be without any knowledge of the wider story or where your chapter fits in the book, but this time we’re doing somehting different!).
  3. You return your chapter by 8pm (UK time) at which point it’s turned into ePub, mobi and PDF books using the magic of Scrivener, ready for publication at or around midnight.

How does this event differ from normal NiaDs?

  1. Not only will you and other participants know the genre in advance this time, but since this is a tenth anniversary re-issue of a previous event, you’ll also have access to the whole basic story outline!
  2. Given that this is a short notice special edition, our normal sign-up restrictions are relaxed – anyone with a forum account and an email address can take register to take part (see below).
  3. That’s about it! Note - this is a “special edition” outside the normal sequence (it’s event 1* and not 11, and defintely not 12 ) and doesn’t replace the usual main event that takes place in October.

Will it really be the same story as the first NiaD?

Yes, it will be the same basic story – but we are taking the opportunity to do a bit of tweaking and re-do all the chapter briefs, character sheets, and a few other things to take account of what we’ve learned over the past ten years, so there will be some differences! Note - if you took part in the original NiaD, we’ll make sure you have a different section to cover this time round!

When is it?

The event starts: 2021-08-13T23:01:00Z
Submission deadline: 2021-08-14T19:00:00Z
Event ends: Submission deadline: 2021-08-14T22:59:59Z

How do I sign up?

If you’ve taken part in a NiaD before and want to do so again, just post in this thread to let me know!

If this would be your first NiaD experience, and you’re up for the challenge of taking part (and have read the FAQs to know what you’re letting yourself in for)…

  1. As above, let me know by posting in this thread!
  2. Please ALSO send me an email ( confirming:
    • what forum name you’ve signed up with,
    • what email address your briefing pack should be sent to on the day, and
    • what pen name you’d like to be credited with in the final book.
  3. Note - while there are millions of ways to approach each chapter, some of the briefs will naturally lend themselves to a more gritty or grisly interpretation. Some people prefer to avoid those, and some like to seek them out. If you’re in either of those two camps then let me know in that email as well and we’ll try to accomodate that when allocating the chapters.

As always, we’ll add the names of participants to the next post in this thread, so you can check there to make sure we’ve noticed your request and added you to the list.

Sign up closes at 2021-08-13T16:00:00Z

Note, there is no upper limit on the number of participants, so spread the word and invite your writing friends to sign up too!

Wait! I still have questions!

The FAQs may answer many of them, but please feel free to ask anything here! We’re friendly, I promise!


The following people have registered:
:heavy_minus_sign: AB17 :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: AmberV :white_check_mark:
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Makes 38!


Count me in! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Excellent! I’ve added you to the list!

Do I get a fancy 1* badge?

We’ll definitely make you one, but… well… I guess we’ll have to look after it for you until we’ve figured out where to put them!

I would like to take part again :slight_smile:

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I want in
Took part in On your honor and really enjoyed it

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I’ll join. I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile:

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I would love to take part, though I wasn’t there at the very beginning.

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Rather than say no to Pigfender, I’ll simply act as if he didn’t ask me not to sign up.

Count me in.


Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep, YEP! :grin:


As a person with bad grammar would say to a member of European nobility during the break-in scene of an unlikely-paired buddy-heist movie….

Count me in.


Did the Novella in a Day event last spring; definitely would love to do it again.


Very excited for this! Count me in! :grinning:


Yep, me too, sign me up please.


Piggy… why is my name not in the list? Have you finally gotten smart and banned me?

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Because you’ve not actually said you’re in yet! :slight_smile:

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Me too please would be awesome