Novel-in-a-Day XI - the undecaNiaD


On Saturday October 16th 2021, we’ll be taking part in NiaD XI… Our ELEVENTH event to pool the collective talents of writers from around the world and write a damn fine book in just a single 24-hour period!

What is it?

Novel-in-a-Day is an annual event where a group of writers from across the planet get together and write a novel. A whole novel. In a single day.

If you’re new to NiaD please check out the FAQs for more details and background, but essentially:

  1. At midnight (UK time) on the day of the event you’ll be emailed a brief of what you need to include in your chapter.
  2. You go away and write your section without any knowledge of the wider story or where your chapter fits in the book.
  3. You return your chapter by 8pm (UK time) at which point it’s turned into ePub, mobi and PDF books using the magic of Scrivener, ready for publication at or around midnight.

When is it?

The event starts: 2021-10-15T23:01:00Z
Submission deadline: 2021-10-16T19:00:00Z
Event ends: 2021-10-16T22:59:59Z

Note, as the event has gotten larger over the past few years, we’ve had more issues with stragglers submitting well past the deadline. This year, if you’ve not submitted by 8pm and we’ve not heard from you at all we will assume you’re hiding from a velociraptor in a kitchen cupboard without wifi and not able to submit, and so will regretably have to start compiling without your chapter.

How do I sign up?

If you’ve taken part in a NiaD before and want to do so again, just post in this thread to let me know!

If this would be your first NiaD experience, and you’re up for the challenge of taking part (and have read the FAQs to know what you’re letting yourself in for) then you can apply to take part by…

  1. As above, let me know by posting in this thread!
  2. Please ALSO send me an email ( confirming:
    • what forum name you’ve signed up with,
    • what email address your briefing pack should be sent to on the day, and
    • what pen name you’d like to be credited with in the final book.
  3. You will also need to send to the above address a sample of your writing (if you’re not sure why, please read the FAQs).
  4. Note - while there are millions of ways to approach each chapter, some of the briefs will naturally lend themselves to a more gritty or grisly interpretation. Some people prefer to avoid those, and some like to seek them out. If you’re in either of those two camps then let me know in that email as well and we’ll try to accomodate that when allocating the chapters.

A really easy way to do steps 2-4 will be to visit Novel in a Day - Contact and fill in the form.
Don’t forget to add to your email contacts to make sure your briefing packs don’t end up in your junk mail folders!

As always, we’ll add the names of participants to the next post in this thread, so you can check there to make sure we’ve noticed your request and added you to the list.

Sign up closes at 2021-10-13T16:00:00Z

Note, there is no upper limit on the number of participants as we’ll produce as many versions of the book as the number of participants allows – so spread the word and invite your writing friends to sign up too!

Wait! I still have questions!

The FAQs may answer many of them, but please feel free to ask anything here! We’re friendly, I promise!



The following people have registered:

:heavy_minus_sign: AB17 :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: AmberV :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: amyelilly :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: annmeeker :white_check_mark:
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:heavy_minus_sign: CallyRose :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: Camy :white_check_mark:
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:heavy_minus_sign: CeramicFairy :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: Charlotte Barker :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: coconuts :heavy_multiplication_x:
:heavy_minus_sign: ConradG :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: Dan_Gregory :heavy_multiplication_x:
:heavy_minus_sign: deekayoh :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: Deruji :heavy_multiplication_x:
:heavy_minus_sign: doolols :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: Evil_Overlord :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: FleetAdmiralO :white_check_mark:
:heavy_minus_sign: gothcabbage :white_check_mark:
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:heavy_minus_sign: JacquelineM :heavy_multiplication_x:
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:heavy_minus_sign: MaelduinTamhlacht :white_check_mark:
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:heavy_minus_sign: RonjoI :heavy_multiplication_x:
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:heavy_minus_sign: xandria :white_check_mark:

Makes 57 (:closed_book:19 + :green_book:19 + :blue_book:19)

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how is my name not already in the list? How I ask? did we not already discuss that I’m harder to get rid of than a plantar wart?

Speaking of warts, are we upgrading you from bacon to prime warthog?

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One doesn’t like to presume!

but it is my favorite hobby! how else do we have fun?

Although I will have house guests, a rock concert that same night, count me in. I love living on the edge. :grinning:

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Please, sir, can I have some more?

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I’d like to be included, please!


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Okay, I have given this due consideration and am here to volunteer!

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Hey, I’m in. Toss me a chapter outline on the day.


I am back in the pen, please.

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Please add me to the list of participants

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This is like an addiction…me? busy? no! what?..

Please add me to the list!

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How many novels can nimble novel writers write, when the nimble novelist numbers become numerous?

I can’t wait to find out, so count me in! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Technically 1. But then if you count each color as a separate novel then the answer is just N/C*Monkey^bacon

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Combinatorially speaking, the greatest number of unique novels niadically knocked out in a night numbers at 1,633,640,400 for The District (with On Your Honor running a close second).

Not nearly numerous enough! We are sooo ready to break two billion.


Yes, but how are you delineating between the books? “The District 1,342,875” seems … uninspired and, frankly, unreadable.

Maybe “Timeline 1,342,875 NiaD - The District - in which no dolphins were pirates … or were they?”

I can think of no better explanation for the power failure.

In truth, my volume 1,342,875 is missing from the shelf, so I am unable to confirm or deny the presence of dolphins on its pages.

Yes please can you add me thank you

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