Novel Outlining Template

Hi everyone,

This is my first bash at creating a Scrivener template. Actually, it’s a .scriv file, not a template, cause I’m not sure how to find the template file to upload it. :confused:

This Template is for prepping a novel and it’s quite detailed, so it won’t suit everyone. It’s a structure and a series of worksheets for coming up with ideas, developing those ideas with plot, character, themes etc., and keeping track of them all in a logical order.

It’s a work in progress so would love to get some feedback!


You are genius! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

I will read each file, element by element, what a labor you have committed to work on.

Willing to give feedback, what type of data, questions, issues, and so on, are you looking for in the feedback.


Wow, this is wonderful! I’ll definitely be using this from now on. I especially like how you’ve included variations on the plotting/character sheets for people who may just want some prompts as opposed to a more rigid format.

Caroline, this is a genial piece of work. Thank you very much!.. :slight_smile:

And now, some notes ONLY to any Scrivenist Novelist that may be having problems with the template:

  • Yes, this template really works and it is not a waste of time. Just download it to anywhere in your computer and then close all projects, then, when presented with the initial screen to create or open projects, click the Options button and choose “Import Templates…”, opening the file that you just downloaded (“Caro’s Novel Outliner v2.scrivtemplate”)
  • You will then find it under the Novels category. You can now create a project of your own from that template.
  • Print and read what Caroline wrote as instructions, before doing anything with your project.

That’s it!..

Now you are ready to enjoy Caroline’s genius… and improve on it with your own :mrgreen:

This is really great and enormously helpful ! Thank you so much! :smiley:

This is a great template for me as I explore Scrivener and try to organize my writing.

I learned a lot about the technical aspects of writing/structuring, but also a lot about Scrivener itself. Thanks for you time and willingness to share!

this is so cool! thanks for sharing.

Thank you! I’ll be checking this out for sure for my next novel.

This is my first post. I have just now purchased Scrivener to help me write a novel that I’ve been developing in my head for several years. It’s time to finally sit down at a keyboard and translate from grey matter to text.

I have been reading through these forums and came to this post. The link is no longer any good. Does anyone know how I might get the original file?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,

Thanks for reviving this thread. I’ve not heard of Caro’s Novel Outlining Template before and, now that I’ve had a chance to look at it, I think it’s brilliant. Someone put a lot of thought into this. Caroline Norrington, if you’re reading this … thanks, and bravo.

To address your question, the Wayback Machine comes in handy for now-dead links.

On the website, I pasted in the dead link and got this result. The file you need (as well as an overview of how to use the template) can be found here: … /scrivener

Sounds ace, but wouldn’t download for me, in any version.

So Whale, did you actually download it from WBM or just look at it?


I was able to download it from Wayback Machine.

Here’s a more direct link to a 1.6 MB zip file containing the .scriv and .scrivtemplate files. You’ll be prompted to sign in to a Dropbox account; just click on “No Thanks, Continue to Download” and you’ll be able to download just fine, hopefully. :wink: …

Thank you very much, WhaleVomit77! I was able to download it from your original link by doing some address bar editing (which pretty much was your second link when I was done).

I am currently working on my first project in Scrivener, and I must say that it is ideal for a variety of uses, not just writing long materials of some type.

Thanks again,

Thanks! Useful! :smiley:

Looks like I came several years too late :confused: outline is not to be found anywhere, shame, I heard it was the best out there


I don’t have Caroline’s template anymore, but at some point I must have loaded and then discarded it, because I do have a backup of a project created from the template, which I’ve attached. (Yes, I keep project backups forever. :mrgreen: )

Inside the project, Caroline writes, “Please feel free to share it, but if you do please link back to my website ( I will notify of any updates via the blog on that website.”

Based on her permission, I am sharing it here, but be aware that her website no longer works, so you’re on your own for support. This backup is from 2014, and when you open it, Scrivener will likely want to upgrade the project.

While I didn’t find the template useful for my writing process, Caroline obviously put a ton of effort into it, so hopefully it helps someone.

Caroline Norrington’s Novel (825 KB)

Ditto to what Jim has said. Thank you, Caroline.

I had saved the template:
Caro’s Novel Outliner (824 KB)

Thanks so much for posting this. And thank you Caroline for creating it.

Anyone able to re-host this in 2020?

It’s hosted in this thread, two posts above yours.