Novel Title Page Bug

When creating a new project, using the Fiction Novel w/ Parts template, I found scripted coding on the Title Page where you input all your info…


This is my first time using Scrivener, so I’m not sure if this is normal.


This is just a beta thing - the templates have currently just been copied across from the Mac version and will be updated specifically for the Windows version before the official release. On the Mac version, these are all codes that you can enter when setting up a template project, and then when you create a new project from a template, they get automatically replaced with information from the user’s system address book. This was a Mac 2.0 feature, though, so won’t be in the Windows version for a while, so for release this will be replaced with placeholder information (“Your name here” and so forth). For now you can just ignore it, though, and replace it with your own details.

Thanks for trying Scrivener, by the way! Remember it’s a beta and there’s lots of nice improvements in the works.

All the best,