Novel writing made easy

The secret? Not aptitude, but attitude.


I do love the comments…

Awesome video. Who makes these things? Stephen King’s On Writing really is one of the best books “on writing” I’ve ever read. The audiobook version is even better with his narration.



BBC Radio 4 has been running a half-hour satirical drama series about a failing broadsheet newspaper. Entitled Electric Ink, it was written by Alastair Beaton, and rang a few bells with me. A recent episode centred on the unveiling of a snobby literary fiction-author as using novel-writing software. Nothing especially wrong with that. But this software was different: it really did write the novel. The deception was found out because someone noticed that in each chapter the adjectives followed alphabetical order…

One day, it will happen.

Alastair Beaton could dramatize elitist fictioneers, granted. However, ink journalists know literary maneuvers never obtain professional quality results. So there…