Now OK ! Problem with Windows Upgrade

Yesterday August 11 2013 I upgraded to

Today August 12 2013 I tried to upgrade to but the upgrade did not happen, and it ‘locked’ the computer into showing the Draft screen, and the About screen and stated there were wifi problems [there were not]. I powered down after an hour and a half to break the cycle.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any risks to version, or worse to my book!

Why two upgrades on successive days


Mine took a long time to download too, but it arrived eventually. Maybe there was a lot of traffic at the server.

It was inconvenient not to be able to work with Scrivener while the download was taking place, and I wondered why this can’t happen in the background?

Why two upgrades? Because the sharp-as-a-razor community spotted a couple of bugs in the first one and the even sharper dev team fixed them in minutes. Just one of the benefits of working with Scrivener. :smiley:

If you continue to have problems with the built-in updater, you can always use a fresh download from the main website. The full installer will update an existing installation just as well (and you can run a browser download in the background while you work, so there is that too).

It took me longer than usual to download 1.6, but I figured everyone and their cousin’s college roommate’s best friend’s neighbor was downloading it. It also wouldn’t be the first time Amazon’s servers were experiencing trouble.

I have tried the process again this evening on the third day, it it has worked correctly [I hope!}

The download went reasonablt rapidly this time [about 15-20 minutes] and the upgrade installation seems to have been successful

I guess the problem was in the downloading server, which broke down during the download and the resulting handling of it by the upgrade process locked the computer here.

Perhaps in future I woill download new full versions from your main server

However Scrivener is a great product!

Best regards