Number of installations?

I bought the license but realized only after registering that since I use two different machines for writing and that I might therefore need separate licenses. Is there a set number of installations per license? I couldn’t find the information anywhere.


Two machines is fine. The licence is a “household” one. This means that you are free to install it on any Windows machines in your home that belong to members of family living with you (i.e. if it’s a shared house - students or flatmates - you would all need separate licences, but if you’re living with a spouse and kids, they could use your licence). And of course you could install it on your laptops, and also on a single work machine provided no one else but the licence-holder has access.

In terms of activations, you get 10 activations within a three month period, which should cover all legitimate use without requiring anyone ever to email us to free up an activation except in extreme circumstances. What this means is that if you activated on 10 machines in a week, you wouldn’t be able to activate again for three months (unless you emailed us to free up an activation). After three months, if you tried to activate, the first activation you used would be voided and would be used to activate your new machine. I doubt anyone is going to need to activate more than 10 times inside the same three-month period, so in effect this should mean that you never run out of activations.

I hope that makes sense!

All the best,