Numbered list Bug

Another oddity that seems like strange behaviour to me (but feel free to explain why it isn’t)

1 - Create a list of 5 items as a numbered list (so each item starts with 1. 2. 3. etc)
2 - Select the text from item 3 and cut it (Ctrl-X)
3 - Place the cursor at the start of the second item and press Ctrl-V to paste

The Numbering starts at 1 for the pasted item so the list now appears as:

Logged now.

A variation of this bug (also confirmed in 021) is a user’s attempt to paste text from one list item to another. To reproduce:

  • create a list of items
  • copy (CTRL+C) some text from one of the items
  • go to another item in the list
  • click at the end of this second item to place the cursor there
  • attempt to paste (CTRL+V) the text at the current cursor position
  • the paste operation will instead create a new list item numbered 1.