Numbered lists when you're moving bullets around

It’s kind of frustrating to work with a long numbered list and realize that Scriv won’t auto-renumber when you move bullets around.

So, let’s say I have a list number 1-2-3-4 and I move #2 to the end. Well, then it becomes 1-3-4-2. In Word or Pages, the renumbering is automatic.

But I did find a workaround. I select the entire list and click the numbering option off the list button on the toolbar (again), and the list gets sorted out.

However, having this work automagically would be better.

How are you moving them around?

For me (Mac Scrivener, Ventura), lists are auto re-numbered when I move elements up and down, using the in-built commands cmd-ctl-up/down. This is the easiest way unless your list is very long.

Failing to renumber automatically is mainly an issue when you cut and paste items around the list, as this sometime creates two lists. Then you have to select the entire list, right-click and ‘Renumber List’.

fantastic! This is my first reminder, of many, that Scrivener is secretly one of the geekiest products out there. Thank you.

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My inner geek salutes you!


BTW I didn’t mention it in my first post, but the cmd-ctl-arrow keys work the way you’d expect them to in both the Binder and in the Editor:

  • up / down = move up/down binder item/list item/paragraph
  • left / right = promote / demote / indent / dedent binder item/list item/paragraph

Apologies if you already knew that, but they’re very useful to know!

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oh that’s powerful.

I can’t post the Dana Carvey “I did not know that” meme but I would if I could — thanks again!!

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