Numbered sections and page breaks in PDF compile

Hi all,

im currently on the trial version and so far I am quite happy with scrivener.
Only thing that bugs me is the following problem:

In my project I have several chapters and multiple scenes within each chapter.
For the compile output I am useing the predefined “Chapter Title” format for each chapter and the “Numbered Section” for the scenes.
With this I basically get the layout I want, but there is a problem with page breaks in the numbered sections.
The compiler doesn´t seem to prevent page breaks from happening between a section number and its contents.
So on several pages the last thing I see is the number of the next scene, but the actual text of the scene starts on the next page.

So my question is quite simple: Is there any way to prevent the compiler from doing page breaks between the section number and its contents?

Depending what you are compiling to eg epub, PDF, Word etc, go into the compile settings and select “Duplicate and edit format” which will allow you to make edits to the format chosen (I know, no surprise there).

Select what you think you may need to change from the numerous settings available and save that new format accordingly.

If I got this wrong and that’s not what you meant, hang in there. Somebody more knowledgeable will come along :wink:


thanks for the reply.
Sadly I tried this already without success.

I want to compile to PDF and for the time beeing I insert a Page Break seperator before every scene, but this is not actually the layout I have in mind.
Normally I don´t want page breaks between the scenes, but if the “normal” pagebreak would fall between the section number and the section text I would like to have the number moved to the next page as well.

So far I found no option to enforce page breaks before sections only in this special case. But maybe I am looking at the wrong place.

If the section number were located in a regular paragraph, you could use Format → Paragraph → Keep with next to bind it to the following text. But in your case the section number is generated as part of the section layout and here you can’t set this option manually.

Scrivener appears not to be a good tool for producing print quality output. Therefore, many users seem to resort to compiling their final version for Word and do a final edit there. Word has way better tools for formatting, layout, tables etc… Some even use Scrivener to just maintain a Markdown version of their manuscript and tools like LaTeX as an “afterburner” to do the final typesetting.

Yes, this is unfortunately a less than ideal situation. And yes, I would love to have all the formatting tools that Word or LibreOffice have to offer built into Scrivener. But given the small team of developers, this is probably as good as they could do. Scrivener has its strength elsewhere: in being a fantastic tool for structuring, shoving pieces around and keeping all those tiny snippets - including remarks, research, meta data, etc. - in one place.

Thank you.
Jep, Scrivener definitely has its main strenght in the parts you mentioned and makes things a lot easier while writing.

I will definitely try out your idea with the “keep with next” option and add the numbers manually, but in the end I guess I will just use another editor for the final layout, as you mentioned.

Thanks again for the help.