Numbering inside the Book

I’m wrinting a book which contains several chapters. Everyone of them has
an introduction and then a list of cases and decisions.
I would like to give a number to each of the cases but without starting
from 1 in each chapter. I would like to start chapter One with 1, 2, 3,…
and finish last chapter with 498, 499, and 500, which is the total number
of cases in the book . Is anyone willing to help me? Thanks very much

With auto-numbering…

Chapter titles compiled with: <$hn>

Case titles compiled with: <$n>

Binder as…


When compiled gives…


Does what you want?

On the Mac version, you can also take any existing auto-number tag, such as <$t>, and create a unique, named version of it. All you do is add a colon plus the name, like this:
<$t:case> I think you’ll probably want to avoid spaces, and I can’t recall if capitalization matters, so if you’re entering this named tag into the editor a lot, keep it short to avoid typos. Out of this, you’ll get a series of numbers, starting at 1, that do not interact with the numbers produced by a <$t> tag, or with any other <$t:namedautonumber> tag. You can also, of course, use a different kind of numbering system, such as roman numerals (<$R>, I think), and that will start at the Roman numeral equivalent of 1.

All of this is covered in the Help->Placeholder Tags List pop-up window. Scroll down to the section titled “auto-numbering”. Near the bottom of that section, there’s an explanation and example of what I’m talking about, and a few other tips.

Thank you guys. Nice you helped me.
Bryan, that’s right what I want to do. However, I’m quite new in this and don’t know how to do it. Understood what you said but unable to carry it out.
Would you help me further?

I haven’t still found the way to do this numbering automatically, without adding <$n> to every case within the editor.
Is there any other way to do it quicker, for example inside the binder rather than editor?
When I have tried to do it in the editor, there is no visible results when I compile the text.

Thanks for your help

Hello victorma11

The easiest way to add the numbers is during compile.

  1. File >
  2. Compile >
  3. Formatting >
  5. Section Layout >
  6. Then enter the tags you want to use, probably as a prefix. You can write what you want, for example:
    CHAPTER <$n>
    Section <$n>
    Part <$n>
    Stanza <$n>
  7. Repeat numbers 4–6 for each level as necessary



Hope this helps.

Briar Kit (not Bryan) :smiley: