Numbering inspector footnotes / comments

I have a project using inspector footnotes and comments: see screenshot below.

I’ve noticed that many of the footnotes (purple) and comments (yellow) have faint sequential numbers in their upper-right corners: here 26, 27, 28, … and then about 15 footnotes without these numbers. The sequence then resumes (29, 30, …) later in the document.

Also, some of the comments (not all) are similarly numbered, with breaks.

Now this didn’t bother me in the least for many years :neutral_face: – but now I’m sharing my projects with research assistants who are working on my footnotes, so now it’s a problem.

I tried Format > Convert inspector to inline footnotes, and back again – but all that does is remove all the footnote numbers.

If there’s a really obvious solution to this, but I can’t find it, I apologize in advance. :blush:


I wonder if this is to do with the difference between new footnotes, and those which have already been compiled into a document – there are a couple of options in Format > Options which relate to inspector footnote numbers.

What happens if you compile the document again (and make sure ‘Hide Compiled Footnote Numbers in Inspector’ is unchecked?

Those numbers show you the numbers that the footnotes were given when the document was last compiled. You can turn them on or off using Format > Options > Show Compiled Footnote Numbers in Inspector (the option is off by default, so you must have turned it on at some point).

The reason this is useful is that if you compile your document and share it with somebody, then the other person can refer to a footnote number and you can see which one they mean in the text.

Any footnotes in the inspector that don’t have numbers were either created after the last time you compiled, or weren’t included in the compiled document.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Yes, very helpful! That makes perfect sense. Thanks very much. :slight_smile: