Numbering paragraphs beyond the confines of parts and chapters

Is there a way to have all body text (‘No Style’) paragraphs throughout a stretch of text numbered sequentially, beyond the confines of part and chapter, with numbering that self-repairs when paragraphs are added or removed? Please refer to the included images. I would very much like to see the paragraphs in my next book numbered in this way. Can Scrivener do this? Or do I need to run a script after compiling the whole thing in Scrivener (which would probably exclude the possibility to refer to paragraph numbers, using x-ref-like placeholders, while writing)? Any help is much appreciated!

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I think you can do this in compile.

The basic steps are:

  1. In the compilation dialogue, edit the compilation format and choose the side panel option ‘Styles’.

  2. Choose the ‘Body’ style and add the appropriate number placeholder in the Paragraph Prefix box. Here I’ve added <$n>. to give [code]

  3. A sample…

  4. In Section Layouts, choose the layout you’re using for your basic text and then tick the Override text and notes formatting box. Then click in one of the dummy paragraphs, then on the styles icon (first on the left, lower case a) and choose the Body style.

  5. Test the compilation.

This should give you numbered paragraphs — obviously you can change the number formatting / reset it after scene breaks etc by using the appropriate placeholder.


Thanks a lot! That’s very helpful.