Numbering paragraphs when compiling?

When compiling a manuscript and producing a PDF file, is there any way to add paragraph numbers to the text? See example here: … er%208.png

If no, perhaps someone can offer advice on the following: A colleague, who lives in another city, is going to proof a manuscript that I’ve drafted in Scrivener. He will read the PDF online, but wants to record his suggested changes on a notepad (physical pencil and paper). We need a way to clearly communicate with each other over the phone. We thought that numbered paragraphs would be good, as he could say “in paragraph 127 I suggest that you …”

Any thoughts on how to achieve this? FYI that he’s a bit old-school and is not comfortable using software to mark up the PDF on-screen.

All suggestions welcome!

Totally doable.

Start (or end) each paragraph with the auto-number tag <$n> – that gets replaced by sequential numbers at compile time.

There’s a whole bunch of such tags, see Help | Placeholder Tags List… for all of them.

Other ways you could go about it - start each paragraph with a particular character(s) that you’re not going to use elsewhere in your text, say, ##, then at compile, in the replacements section have it replace ## with <$n>.

Alternately, make sure your text is split so that each paragraph is a separate document in the binder*. Then in compile go to Formatting | Section Layout… add a Title Prefix of <$n>, and on the Title Appearance tab set title as a run-in head.

  • if you don’t want to do that manually, File | Export your document, then File | Import and Split, and hit return (¶) in the Sections Separated by… box

Having once before found this list I cannot find it again. Searching for “Placeholder Tags List” in Help has no results. Which term should I use?

It’s the 5th item down on the Help menu.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 7.29.22 PM.png

That tripped me up once or twice too - I was looking all through the manual to no avail, only to eventually find it right out in the open like that. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: I surely overlooked it! :blush:

There was a slight problem, when it came to the first revision of the manual, in that a book about Scrivener’s compile time placeholder tags was rather difficult to compile as tags instead of as what the tags do when you compile. :slight_smile:

We since fixed that so people can now write about Scrivener with <$tag>, but the Mac list never got around to being included; there is a pointer in Appendix C on where to go.

That’s very funny. There should be a special term for a piece of writing software that can/cannot produce its own manual. I was going to suggest ‘self-instructive’, but that seems to be applicable in both conditions. :wink:

Thank you all! Very helpful!

Perhaps the Godel-Turing Principle? … eorem.html … -the-halti