Numbers on the pages

Now one time. Someone from LL left a post that said scrivner is not a word processor. That being said, this question is./might sound hackish. I really don’t care. I’m trying to avoid buying microsoft word.

I want to print up a story i have on scrivner. I printed it up through scrivner and like how it looks. My word processor wont let me print in booklet form. Wont let me into any printer preferences. Therefore. Is tbere any way to have page numbers put on the / in the story i wrote, then print it in scrivner?

Im no word processor expert, but when you go through insert in the exit section, there is an auto number thing that looks like there is a chance i could produce a print ready file for print. Though i’m not seeing how. I really don’t want to spend the money on word so i can get to the printer preferences before i print.


LibreOffice - it’s free - has a word processor that can handle .doc and .docx files, as well as spreadsheet capabilities that can handle .xls and .xl files.

I use the spreadsheet capabilities. I cannot speak to the word processor and how it handles .doc and .docx.