Numerical Chapters

My publisher wants my chapters written numerically, i.e.: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 instead of Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in Scrivener. As a result, I compile my MS into WORD and have to go through my chapters and change every one of them manually.

Can anyone tell me how to force the program to put my chapters in the format I require?

Thanks so much.

Sounds like you are using a Scrivener project template that set up the chapter numbering for you.

I expect that if you look in your project, you will see something that looks like this everywhere a chapter heading is being generated:

Chapter <$t>

All you need to do to get numerical chapter numbers is change these to use an ‘n’ in the place of that ‘t’.

Chapter <$n>

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In watching a YouTube video by Karen Prince, link below, I think I discovered your answer.

The video is very self explanatory, and the information I think you need starts at 2:50 into the video. The audio isn’t consistent, but the visuals are helpful. She describes herself as a Scrivener tutor.

Hope this helps.


Wow, that was a quick fix. Thank you so very, very much. I had no idea it was as easy as replacing the “t” with an “n.”

Problem solved.

Thanks for all your help.