"Nuther please do not laugh question

How do I create sibling folders in Binder without manually moving them to lower level?



I’m not sure I understand the question–what are they to be siblings of? If you just click the “New Folder” button in the binder footer, for instance, you should get a series of folders that are siblings of one another.

Or to put another way slightly, folders are always created as siblings to the selected item, no matter what. So if you select the Draft and click the new folder button, you’ll get a folder that is sibling to the Draft (or in other words, at the top level). If you want to make a folder in the Draft folder, then you must select something inside that folder at the appropriate level before doing so. If it is an empty folder, you’ll just need to make the folder, name it, and then it Ctrl-RightArrow to indent it.

Oops, I guess this has turned into a certified LMAO question as I meant to ask how to create a “child” foldder without manually moving it to the lower lever

Ah, no way unless the folder has something in it already. Then you select that thing instead of the container.

Then again, this is one of those rare differences between files and folders: how they act when you make them. If you don’t like how folders act, and wish they acted like files, then make files. If you really need them to be folders, select them all later on and use Documents/Convert/to Folder. That’s actually what I do myself. I outline purely with files and only convert things to folders in bulk later on if I need to.

Thank you, that makes sense and is very workable.

I knew someone else doing the child thing but forgot to ask the method.