ocasiOS Comic Scriptwriting Template

Howdy there fellow paneljockeys,

At long last I have finalized an entirely iOS-friendly template for writing and exporting comic scripts on iOScrivener. I’ve attached it below.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or concerns would be most appreciated. Please post below if you have anything to say about the template!

Happy writing, everyone!
ocasiOS Comics Template.scriv.zip (223 KB)

This is my method for opening the file from iOS directly into iOScrivener. If you have another way, please share it! Assuming you have a desktop computer it shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever, but it is possible to import it solely within iOS. Here’s how:

Thanks for the awesome template I was actually going to embark on a mision to make one similar but now. I dont have to. I had a hard time unzipping it and getting into scriverner so I tried WorkFlow … thanks for that too. :smiley: