Occasional Crash w/Multiple Open Copies

I currently have a number of projects in Scrivener and often want to have two or more of them open at the same time. Often this works just fine: the files open and I can switch back and forth with ease.

At other times, Scrivener crashes when I have one project open and then attempt to open another project at the same time. When this happens, I get a message that Scrivener stops working. Then ALL of the projects stop working and are automatically closed. After that, it is possible to go back and open one project at a time.

Any ideas? Does Scrivener allow for multiple projects to be open at the same time or is this simply something that must be avoided?


If you can make it do it, take note of exactly what you did, and post it in the bug report forum. (Along with what OS you’re using, any service packs, etc.)