Octavia Butler

This is a little scrap of a gushing praise I posted at a fan site for one of my all time favorites

Um, yeah. That’s how I feel. :mrgreen:

It’s funny, I recently read something about there being a consensus about Butler’s lack of prose style. I had no idea where that was coming from!

I have read similar concerning her work, and I agree that it seems like a completely non sequitur comment. Almost as though they had not read the work. And no, she was not an author given to wax rhapsodically and “wow” the reader with her grasp of the language and capacity for purple prose which, for me, makes her an enviable roll model. She asks the reader to focus on her work, not on her, the woman behind the work. I have read much work by other, more “popular” authors where the prose is so distracting from what is happening in the context of the story that it ends up just being masturbatory on the part of the author.

I won’t name names. :wink:


Sorry, I had some ego stuck in my throat just then. Better now. :wink:

I would think, knowing Miss Butler’s cultural background here in the U.S., that this is part of a cultural predisposition to not use language that excludes certain readers. Her work is purposefully inclusive. I feel that perhaps those who would make such disparaging claims against her work, critics and the like here in the U.S., are unaware of their own privileged positions within our cultural paradigm giving them the sense of entitlement to make such claims.