Odd behavior (fonts)

Have been going back and forth with default fonts the last couple of days, and noticed some odd behavior (Scrivener 3.03 for Mac, 1.15 for iOS on both iPad and iPhone). Let’s say I want to change all documents in a project to fit the app‘s Preferences default formatting (Preferences > Editing > Formatting > Main text formatting for new documents. So I should just do Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting, right? What I’m seeing, however, is that this tends to be glitchy, often changing certain fonts — albeit properly installed on all devices — to Scrivener’s if-all-else-fails default of Helvetica 14-point, starting on the iOS devices after sync and then syncing back to the Mac.

However, if I use the project-level override in Project > Project Settings and then apply that same command, I get the desired appearance in all selected documents in the project, and across all my devices once sync occurs. (I also had satisfactory results in manual reformatting, so the odd behavior seems to be limited to Scrivener’s Preferences.)

Not having seen this mentioned elsewhere in the forums (and I did search), I thought I’d pass this along in case it might be of use to KB et al..

Very strange - I’ve never seen glitchy behaviour in this myself and I don’t believe we have had any similar reports (albeit one, which was slightly different and I don’t think related). When text reverts to Helvetica, it usually means that the font is not available, which is strange. Some text might look different to other text if you have styles applied, of course - could it be that the affected text was text with styles for which the font is not available?

No, that was one of the (many) strange things about it. The affected/glitchy text was, in fact, “No Style” text. And the behavior was, indeed, as if I didn’t have each of the fonts installed on the devices in question, although I’d gone to pains—more than once—to make sure that I did.