Odd Behaviour

I am moving to Windows and just purchased a windows copy of the program. I have an issue with one file which won’t open and this is discussed on another thread. But even with files I can open, some of the manuscript is missing and Scrivener struggles. For instance, it won’t close a project, if i try to close it the program closes, then when I restart, the project is still open and wont close. Weird

All my projects were stored on dropbox and the mac version opens them all no problem :confused:

Regarding the project closing, it sounds like you just want to change the setting in the General tab of Tools > Options to have the New Project window show when no projects are open; otherwise it follows standard Windows behaviour for programs of this type and closes the program when the last window closes. It also reopens the most recently opened project by default, which you can likewise change in the options.

As far as parts of the manuscript missing, we’ll need a little more detail to figure out what’s going on there. Windows and Mac have separate interface setting files, so you won’t see the same selections when jumping from one to the other; items you’ve expanded in the binder on one platform won’t retain that on the other, etc. Could this just be a case of some items being collapsed in the binder and not immediately visible then on Windows, or of text being in a folder document that isn’t by default displaying the item text when loaded on Windows (but instead is showing the corkboard or outliner)?

Something else to look into is how the project is being transferred between machines; it’s possible not all the files transferred correctly.