Odd Characters in Header

I wish I could tell you what I did to get this, but I really don’t know. I was working in full screen, came back and did a sync, switched documents, started copying stuff from my document notes, and then noticed a string of superscripted gobblygook above my title in the editor header:

Screen shot 2010-11-29 at 8.30.50 PM.png

It’s persistent through me switching the view but it only appears over two different documents (the only two I’m sure I opened after leaving full screen just now, for what it’s worth); other documents appear fine but the odd characters are still there when I switch back to one of the affected documents. It does go away if I put the focus in the title to edit it, but as soon as I’ve finished editing it reappears.

I’ve attached the console report. Assuming the error it’s throwing is really this, then given the time frame this must’ve happened earlier than me leaving full screen (maybe even before I went into it) and I just didn’t notice right away.

I’ll update if I figure out what the heck I did to make that happen. :confused: This is with Scrivener 2.0.2 on OS 10.6.5
consolereport.rtf.zip (1.3 KB)

That just looks like some non-UTF characters have been pasted into the title - there’s not really much else that can cause that. You should just be able to delete them by placing the cursor at the start of the title and hitting backspace a lot, even if you can’t see them.

The console errors look different - if you see them all the time with this project and reproduce these errors consistently, I’d be very grateful if you could send me the project, as that looks like a bug I know about but have been unable to reproduce or track down.


I thought that so I tried the backspacing and so forth, figuring I’d done something weird and pasted text in and done the double line thing, but backspacing didn’t work. And then I closed the project and reopened it and they went away. Oh well.

As for the console errors…nothing seems wrong but you know, I’m checking the console now and it’s still doing it, so I will zip it up and send it.


This just happened to me again in a different project, and I’m sure it’s not because I’m typing in odd characters. I get the same console messages as before.
I was working in a project copy/pasting text from a website, using the document split command, dragging and dropping in the binder, and typing in document notes. I did retitle a few documents, but I’m getting the characters in documents that I never even touched since I opened the project, and there is no way for me to edit the title to backspace, delete a line, etc. So it’s definitely not me putting them there.

This time around, I am only seeing the glyphs when in a Scrivenings session–no other view shows the characters in the header, nor do they appear in the document title in the binder, outliner, corkboard, or inspector. The characters also do not appear if I select only a single document and view it, even if in a Scrivenings session the characters do appear on that document.

Console repeatedly spits out the glyph storage message, which I’ve attached but which I doubt will help at all. I know you said it’s unrelated–any ideas what I was doing that may have triggered it? I was only working in the project about twenty minutes before the messages started; I didn’t notice the characters until about ten minutes later when I first made a Scrivenings session. Scrivener had been open when I started working, unfortunately–no projects open, but if it’s something that may have been caused by a previously closed project, I can’t be sure what I was doing in that. This project was newly opened and I’m fairly certain I know all the things I did in it.

EDIT: Playing around a little, I notice that console spits out the message repeatedly so long as the characters are visible in the header, but stops when they are not. E.g. if one editor has a Scrivener session and the document in focus there causes the glyphs to display, then clicking in the other editor (locked on a separate, single document) spits out a message. If the first editor is focused on a document in the session not causing glyhps, then clicking in the other editor doesn’t give a message.

Also, I just discovered that resizing the window makes them go away. And the console messages stopped. Does that…mean something? – Eh, nevermind, I kept working in the project without cloing it and though I didn’t see the characters again, I got the console message a few more times.
consoleNSATGlyphStorageinconsistency.rtf.zip (1.45 KB)

If you can get this to happen again, can you please send me a sample project with instructions on how to see it?