Odd right-click menu behaviour

Here’s an odd UI glitch. Right-click sub-menus normally open in front of the primary menu:

But this one opens behind it:


Hardly worth mentioning…
…and maybe it’s deliberate…
It’s Friday night, time to stop work…

How did you do that? :open_mouth: Is it consistent? I tried a handful of times to reproduce it but it always opens in front as expected. Maybe it’s XP-related–I’ll have to try next time I boot up that machine.

I recall it was only in the right pane on a split screen set-up. And it was only on that one option on the right-click menu, so I wondered if it had anything to do with renaming ‘label’.

But this morning it’s behaving as expected. So who knows! I’ll let you know if it recurs.

And here we go again. After a couple of hours of usage, I noticed that the problem was there again, but I can’t say what triggered it. I’ve now restarted, and it’s okay again. I’ll post again if I notice what precedes the change.