Odd underline issue/bug Beta 18

So I can write plenty of things, and hit ctrl-u to underline them, and they underline fine.

If I type…


then I press shift+home (to highlight the line), and press ctrl-u to underline, nothing appears to happen. If I add a space in the middle… so “D&D 5e”, the space is underlined.

Weird one.

Oddly, the little “U” in the formatting toolbar changes background color, so it thinks that text is underlined.

Add D&D5e to the user dictionary (right click, “Learn Spelling”), and the underline works correctly.

The misspelling indicator overrides underlining (which makes sense, sort of; the underline occupies the same space, and would obliterate the series of red dots).

Interesting, good to know. Somewhat non-intuitive though.

Just FYI, the same behavior exists in beta 17 (haven’t yet updated) and has probably existed in the earlier betas.

I agree. I don’t care for it, and I think the spell check “dotted underline” should be about 2 pixels lower so it doesn’t occupy the same graphic space.