Odd Update Dialog Scrivener/Win/Parallels

Not certain if this is a Scrivener , Win 11 or Parallels issue.

Just doing some cleanup and updates on the M1 MacBook Air prior to arrival of new M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro and transfer of data/apps.

Running Win 11 under Parallels 17 and Scrivener Win. (Why? Just because I can, and Win desktop is in storage while building new house which will be another 5-6 month effort)

On selecting update from 3 to 3.1 it downloads the upadate then when selecting update, presents an install update dialog with two buttons. REMEMBER ME and C. C whcih is selectd by default cancels installation while REMEMBER ME proceeds with the update.

That honestly sounds like something didn’t clean up/mixed installer resources in a temp directory…

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Looks like an easter-egg in the update software to me. Who’s C. C?

The button just had C. That’s two sentences.

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