Official Sponsors of NaNoWriMo 2010!

Hi all,

Once more we are proud sponsors of National Novel Writing Month, and just as we did last year, we have some great offers for users new to Scrivener, whether they are on a Mac or Windows (I’m sorry we can’t afford to offer any discounts on the update pricing, but at $25 it’s already so cheap that we can’t afford to make it any cheaper).

Our official NaNoWriMo sponsor thread (with details about all the special offers) can be found here:

There is also some discussion of Scrivener in the NaNo Technology forums, here:

(Many thanks to the kind souls recommending us!)

So if you have any tips on how to survive NaNo using Scrivener, or anything to share on how you use Scrivener for such projects, feel free to head over there and share your experiences with new users. (But don’t create any new threads about Scrivener, or else Apollo16, Scrivener-user and NaNo forum moderator, will be on your case. :slight_smile: )

As some of you know, many of our initial users came from the NaNo forums, when I released an early Scrivener beta there back in 2005. Five years on and we are about to start beta-testing the Windows version in the same place, which feels right. It’s also great to be able to give something back, in return for the hard work of Chris Baty and his team.

So, to anyone participating in the madness, good luck in achieving your 50,000 words!

All the best,

P.S. Yes, this was pretty much a re-post of what I just wrote in the NaNo section of our forums, so I’m breaking our own forum rules there. But as I say to my kids, do as I say not as I do, right?

It’s 1,667 words per day for 30 days to get those 50,000 words out.

I’m slightly scared by how much I want Scrivener 2.0 to be here. I went to a hotel in Paris to write for a week, because a script I have to write is several years late – and here I am, writing with Scrivener, and I check for updates several times per day when I know it’s not going to be ready just yet.

Maybe it’s just a nervous activity to mop up my fear that the script won’t be finished by Sunday. But I’ve convinced myself that without Scrivener 2.0, it can never be done. I think I need a psychiatrist.

Hi dionysius2, you can do this easy with Scriv 1.54. Hey, I bet you can do this with your favorite pen and a legal pad :slight_smile:
As Sarah Connor said: On your feet, Soldier! Finish that damn screenplay!
(Okay, so she didn’t say the part about the screenplay).

P.S. KB!!! We want Scriv 2.0 !!!

Jeezzz!!! Cady! havent you heard? Kevins called off the launch. Put it back…indefinately!:frowning:
Y poor thing. Always Christmas to look forward to, eh? Ah well. Cest la vie

Miss Cady.
I must point out, that the previous post is nothing more than a manifestation of the lunatic fringe mentality we`ve come to expect from the member of the lunatic fringe who posted it.

2.0`s launch has not been postponed. At least not to my knowledge.
Take care



Can I win a discount for a friend?

Flexo - yes. You can use the discount however you want; it isn’t tied to your name, so you can give it to someone else if you like.

Awesome, thanks.

… you mean it’s been FIVE YEARS that I’ve been wishing for Scrivener now?

And here I thought it was only three or so.

Can’t decide if I’m pathetic or if that falls under “good things come to those who wait”.

Nah! thats only Guinness! [ ... re=related]( But its worth it:-)

Is there a way to use Scrivener to update your wordcount directly to That would be a great feature.

No…we like the hands-on procrastinating approach of frequent copy/pastes! (You can get the word count easily by Project Statistics or if you happen to have the Project Targets window open.)