Offset margins on compile

I just downloaded the latest version. When I compile to a .pdf I get a larger margin on the right side. When I compile to a .docx or .doc I get a larger margin on the left.

The chapters begin at the top of the page rather than a few lines down. I could fix that manually if I new how to.

When you compile, are you using any of the pre-defined “Format As” options or compiling from a template? (Meaning, did you create your project from any template other than “blank”.) Did you adjust any of the settings in the compile options?

Thanks for any additional info!

A “padding” option will be coming which will let you move down the text. For now, you could do this manually by just inserting the empty lines in the documents themselves–less classy, but it should work if I understand what you’re after.

I’m not sure of the correct terms. When I compiled I selected the “Novel Standard Manuscript Format” and then either .pd for .doc. I didn’t make any changes.

As for the Chapter thing, the Chapter is a folder with all the scenes in it and the words Chapter 1 are automatically added. I don’t know how to to make changes to how that part prints out. If this is still not clear (because I’m not familiar with the correct lingo) let me know.