Oh my God!!

I dont know whether to feel humbled that he`s my human and uses my iMac. or… scared to death!! :open_mouth:

Fluff :frowning:


So you pay a fee and they put your ugl^H^H^Hgrizzled mug in a movie? Hmmm.

What is your “broadcasting fee”? Is that your cable bill? I must be a dumb American because I don’t get it.

We have some public TV Networks, which are independent of the government (at least in theory) and have the mission to keep the public informed about current events, politics, the world - you name it. And doing all this with a point of view as neutral as possible. These channels are mostly ad-free, but require the public to pay a fee - which is compulsory - in return.

D’oh! I see… That is brilliant. My kids just had loads of fun doing it with pictures of their toys.

And ahem obviously I meant “Swedish”… :blush:

Still confused (surprised?). Compulsory fee for a public channel seems like a mutually exclusive statement. Are these channels access controled through scrmblers? Are the fees collected through taxes?

Repeat the dumb American song.

No, they are not collected through taxes. Anyone buying a TV- receiver which is capable of receiving those channels - as well as computers and similar devices - has to pay for the public TV channels. Hence the swedish ad, since that is in fact difficult to control and it depends largely on the peoples goodwill.

Got it.

Not sure how familiar you are with the US media, but we basically gave up any idea of “neutral” long ago. In all honesty I think neutrality is simply impossible as long as a human is involved. We try to delude ourselves into thinking that “group A is more neutral than group B” but if we were honest we would admit that it is really “less biased” not “more neutral”.

Then again my optimism shows up at pessimism and cynicism.

Fluff, our condolences. Looking at that, every day, especially just before eating… It must be difficult to keep your spirits up. Although it should be worse. Look over there -->

I love it. Clever, fun, touching, entertaining, involving… all at once. Very well designed. It’s a world apart from the threatening “we know where you live and if you don’t pay up we’ll send the boys round with a Black & Decker” advertisements in the UK!

Vic-k, you look very amiable. Not even the slightest shadow of a hint of M le Directeur :slight_smile:

Thank you, young Mr. Jaysen, you`re so kind.

In the UK, each residence has to have a licence to receive realtime TV broadcast. That includes computer technology, so modified. However, you don`t need a licence, to watch catchup TV, like BBC iPlayer repeats, but it does include realtime transmissions on iPlayer (I think. Realtime on Internet maybe awaiting legislation). It is the ability to receive, that is licensed, not the number of individual bits of technology you possess.

However, Its the BBC that gets the lions share, if not all, of the licence fee cash.

…and you`re developing 2.0? :open_mouth: tch! tch! Better let the kids take over. :frowning:

Miss Siren,
as you so rightly say, and as Le D has said on numerous occasions, “An amiable half-witted fool or buffoon.” Actually, at this very moment, hes sitting on the garden wall at the front of the house, waiting for passers-by to ask for his autograph. He hasnt sussed its not him in the film. It was sent by email from a neighbour. That photo, along with a good few others, was taken by the same neighbour about five years ago, during my humans, ‘Guernica/Wind in the Willows’, phase.

To be fair, my human doesn`t normally look so wild. Dishevelled, yes, but not wild.
Take care