Oi Vey

I have the latest version and it seems to freeze while searching… le sigh.

Sorry you’re having trouble. Could you give some more details so we can try to reproduce the problem? Is this the project search or the standard find/replace? What settings are selected (Draft only, Title, All Words, etc.) and roughly how large is the project that’s being searched? Also, could you verify that you’re on 1.2.5 by going to Help > About Scrivener – “latest update” could be a bit misleading because back at 1.2.1 there was a bug that prevented the auto-uptater from getting notifications on new updates, so I’d just like to double-check.

I was using the search to find a file in my project when it froze.

Does that help?

Thanks; it’s not quite enough to go on, I’m afraid, since this isn’t something I’ve been able to reproduce or seen anyone else report. Does this happen repeatedly, i.e. every time you try to use the project search it freezes? Does it happen in multiple projects?

What version of Windows are you using (XP, Vista, Win7)?