Ok here is an obvious one... after the fact

When you compile into MOBI or EPUB… the name of the file is the name of your book. So make sure to rename your file to match tittle…

I am doing dry runs on that, but that is already a lesson learned.


I can see the embarrassment otherwise.

This is changeable though, so you don’t have to rename the project file itself. If you’re using a project template that automatically fills in the title for you in a title page or such, using the file name, you can just replace that text within the document itself. At compile time, you can adjust the title under the “Meta-Data” section (under “All Options” in the Mac version and in the expanded view on Windows, visible by clicking the down-pointing blue arrow to the right of the “Format As” pop-up menu). In the Mac version you can also adjust the project properties meta-data from Project > Meta-Data to determine what text will be used to replace various meta-data variables that you might use throughout the project or compile settings (e.g. <$projecttitle>).