Old laptop dead. How to deactivate now?

My old laptop died. I bought a new MacBook but now how do I transfer the license if I cannot deactivate from the old one?

I’m sure the developers have thought of this. Just can’t find the answer in forums or Google.

What do you mean by deactivate? You can have Scrivener on several computers as long as you are the only user. Just install and run it.

Engage the support team via the correct channels and they will help you…

I tend to start with: literatureandlatte.com/contact-us
I think “sales at Litteraatureandlatte.com” gets you where you need to be too.

As far as I’m aware, while it’s good practice to deactivate Scrivener on a computer that you’re going to re-sell before you wipe your personal data, you don’t have to. You get to install on multiple computers that you own for personal use, and if you run up against the hard limit (10? 5?) the oldest registration is revoked to make room for the new one. So you really don’t need to do anything.

Unless you are at the limit because you have lots of old systems you use due to muliple locations or plane old laziness :slight_smile:

Yeah? What happens then? I was under the impression that the oldest one just got automatically deactivated when you activated a new one. Is that not the case? I’d really hate to know at this late date that I’ve been wrong about how this works for years… not that it would be unusual. :unamused:

It is unlikely that you will run out of activations. If you do, please contact the support team at that time, and we’ll help you sort things out.


I “think” the limit is 6 or so. Or it was then. Not sure what it is today I hit it once long ago in a galaxy far far away. Had something to do with 6 laptops and “not legal” versions of OSX in VMs. One of the Scrivernati took care of removing my stupid for me. once I send them an email.

Also, for cross-platform users, note that the limit is per license. Your Mac activations don’t count against your Windows activations or vice versa.


I only had it on one laptop which died. I’m getting this message. I am connected to the internet and I have doubled checked the license number from the order confirmation email.

Here is the screenshot: snipboard.io/DuklUi.jpg

That’s a blanket warning for a number of problems, as the text of it goes into. Anything from incorrectly pasted serial codes to proxy/firewall blocks to activation limits can trigger it. If you’ve only activated once before on the other machine, then you can safely strike one of those potential problems off of the list. :slight_smile:

Make sure Scrivener (and your machine in general) can contact v3.paddleapi.com. That is the server it needs to communicate with.