Old-Time Typewriter Sounds

It surprises me how many people want their computer to sound like an old-time manual typewriter. I love quiet keyboards so I can hear my tunes while writing. But I understand that it helps some people establish a rhythm or some sort of pacing while typing. For those people, here’s a free program that provides those sounds. It’s open source and the source code is available for d/l. I tried it and it has no problem keeping up with my top speed of about 75 wpm and it doesn’t hog resources. It works well and Theo Watson is a good guy to make this available for all the people who want to hear the echoes of clickety-clack in their mind’s “ear” as they walk to the front of their auto-mobile to insert the starter crank. Give it a try and see if your kids can guess what it represents.

Downloaded and launched just fine but only worked for a short time. Noticed someone posted a fix suggestion for this on the FAT website but I don’t know how to install the fix. Hope you can get it sorted. I like to hear the typewriter - like the old days when you felt you were getting things done!

Check my Journal: johntranter.net/2012/07/clacketty-clack/