On A Chromebook

This is a super long shot, I know.

I’m trying to get 3RC11 running on a Chromebook.

I’ve gotten it to install, and I get the splash screen, but it crashes at loading the dictionaries. I can repeat this behavior consistently, under both bog-standard wine-staging and Crossover. I haven’t tried POL, though.

Under wine-staging, I’ve used winetricks speechsdk, dotnet462, and corefonts (allfonts now fails on a SHA256 error). Under Crossover, I’ve tried both a Win7 and a Win10x64 bottle.

Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks!

See my post and @garpu’s immediately below yours,

I have contacted CodeWeavers to tell them about the failure with Crossover 20 on Mac. Perhaps if you added a comment on the same problem with ChromeOS, it might spur them to resolve it more quickly.



I got it going. Well, sorta. But I can write.

The magic sauce is apparently PlayOnLinux 4.3.4. It installed and works, using 3.0RC11 hidpi x86. I have been unable to install corefonts, so it’s as ugly as my ex-wife, but I can live with writing in Courier and screwing around with the formatting later. The point here is words-on-page, and I can do that.

Also, I was able to install the daemon version of Dropbox (dropboxd) as a user (so no root privs required), and rig systemd to start it every time I open a terminal window. This was necessary because the ChromeOS version of Dropbox doesn’t save its files in a place visible to the Linux VM, but Scrivener CAN see files outside the wine bottle but inside the VM. That means I can run dropboxd, give it a few minutes to sync, and then open up my project in Scrivener from Dropbox, directly in the VM.

Some of the PoL text entry boxes are obscured, like when you name your virtual drive. Text entry works, but you can’t see it, which is stupid but whatever. I don’t dink around with that except at install, so I can live.

The big thing I wish I could do that I can’t (so far) is install PoL or Scrivener as an icon on my task bar. Instead, I have to open a terminal window (which launches the VM), run PoL from command line, and then open Scrivener. This is sub-optimal, but works well enough that I’m not going to spend a lot more time screwing around with it. Also, I’m not sure if attempting a direct icon on the taskbar would start Dropbox, which is necessary, so whatever.

So. Yay!