On being reticent

I’m not going to give you my whole history. Even if potted, given that it starts in 1956 it would be too long and tedious.

So, I used Scrivener to finally gather up the short semi-fictional stories I wrote about the Netherlands since 2012. Edited them, compiled them into a pdf file and self-published them in print. I also made the thing available as an e-book on Amazon. All in the trial period of the program, and it went so well that I purchased a license.

Since the book (well, booklet) came out, I’ve talked to friends, family and acquaintances, but when they ask what I’m doing these days, I’m still forgetting to mention that I’m writing and have published my stories. Instead I mutter something about other activities like hiking and social volunteering.

Whenever relatives or friends are visiting, my book is in plain view on top of the pile of books on the side table, but I consistently forget to draw attention to it. Consequently, nobody notices the slim purple-covered volume of which I’m so proud.

Do you recognise this? Being overly reticent about your writing? Stop it. I made a resolution to mention that I Am A Writer in every conversation I’m having from now on. I’ve had precious few new conversations since, however…

The bundle is called Dutch Vignettes and it contains nine short, quite factual stories on 68 pages, in English.

I’m currently writing a novella-length feelgood love story, which is quite outside my comfort zone, yet I’m enjoying it tremendously.

O, and there’s a stack of intermittent poetry dating from 1974 until today that needs sorting out and seeing the light of day… Scrivener to the rescue!

So, uh, I’m a writer, yes?

You’re a writer, yes. :smiley:

Greetings, Rob,
Welcome aboard Scriv.

I, having just downloaded Dutch Vignettes, and perused its contents, I’d say the answer to your query, is yes :wink: :smiley:
Will consume Paul Theroux later tonight. Let you know if I find him to be: tasty? meaty? tough or full of flavour.
Take care,

Thanks for the warm welcome, folks.

Well, that’s one hurdle taken. I’m looking forward to hearing your views about my motley collection of short storiettes (see, there I go again).

Evening, young fella.
I have to admit that my original assessment of your literary credentials was wrong. You’re not a writer, Rob … you’re a ‘WRITER’. Having finished reading your booklet, apart from a mild sense of disappointment, at it finishing, I had an impression of having just had a conversation with the author, your writing was so natural. I will be interested to see how you handle a wholly fictional, lengthy tale.

Valedictory Quadrangle held a tender resonance for me, since my wife, Angela, comes from Glencar, County Sligo in the north west of Ireland. Her family has its own section of bog, up in the hills that surround the valley.

I’ve told my family that when I shuffle off this mortal coil, I want some of my ashes sprinkling in a stream that borders their section of the bog. This is the view of Glencar Lake from pretty near their bog.
sligowalks.ie/wp-content/upload … oad-05.jpg

So Rob, at least for this old codger, your writing was quite evocative.
Looking forward to reading more of your 'Literary Endeavours’
Take care,

Action disallowed. Who will stand in vigilant KIWCS protest at the tesco entrance?

Thank you for your kind views about my 68 pages, vic-k. Thank you also for addressing me the way you did. In terms of being a writer, I’m definitely a young whippersnapper. Biologically it’s a different matter.

I’m glad to hear that ‘Valedictory Quadrangle’ struck a chord with you. It’s not every day that a story revolving around a peat bog touches people’s hearts.

Rob, Let me tell you something about Mr K.

Mr K is very free with his words. But he is very honest. I’ve had the privilege of sharing bread with him and discussing topics ranging from the doneness of the oats to the meaning of life. I am not the only person who has had such privilege and I believe I speak for all of those that have…

If Mr K says it’s good, I need to read it.

Lucky for me I have a few days of travel coming up. Need to find my reader.

Young Whippersnapper,
You’re as young as you feel.
Don’t forget, Scrivener’s crew of ne’er do’ells, and miscreants, will be looking out for further outpourings from you.

Young numpty,
Thanks for the polishing of my online image. A cheque for the agreed sum is in the post as I type.
Take care