on the go - sans iphone and ipad

I’ve seen so many posts boasting the power and the portability of the ipad and iphone and how they can work concerning writing, researching and especially in the scope of scrivener incorporation.
I want to tell you that all is not as you may see! There is hope for non-apple mobile users! Hallelujah!
The combination I’ve found to work is:
Jota text editor
My writing spot (an app, not a location as could be assumed)
And my trusty moto droid 2
The screen is admirably large and responsive, multitasking is supported so music can be enjoyed during the process, and best of all… there is a full, slide out qwerty keypad giving it the edge in my books. Do you see what I did there? Ha ha… fantastic.
As for speed and ease, that really depends on your writing style in drafts… I don’t suggest it for editing but rough writing is incredibly quick and easy. I’ve tapped out around five thousand words in under four hours, which for me is actually beyond my standard.

To further convince you of the droid being a useful writing tool, I composed this post in the browser on the phone in question. :wink: