On this day...

… I hope all American scrivenistas enjoy the chance to take a decision that is likely to affect us all. All I ask is…

… please take the right one. :wink:



I hope you mean the left one. :wink:

Right for whom?

That is the fundamental problem here. What one sees as “right” another sees as “wrong”. What one person or party (non-political) calls beneficial another sees as detrimental. Is MY vote a vote of self interest or a vote of self dis-interest? Will you be upset if Americans look out for themselves instead of everyone else? Should we (the Americans) expect the same from others? And what is an appropriate response if the non-Americans do not reciprocate the way the Americans desire?

Gets quite messy when you start thinking about it. Are you sure you want to start down this road?

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As an American I think it is in the best interests of the rest of the world to avoid us in any way possible. We (the Americans) have proven that we can not be trusted with power of virtually any type. My point above (which may not be all that clear on initial reading) is that getting involved with our politics is dangerous as we, the selfish, will EXPECT you to bow to the whims of our government no matter how despotic that government may be.

So run. Run like satan himself is pursing you and watch while this country tears itself apart at the seams with its incessant greed driven self-absorbed tyranny.

Good thing I am an optimist.

I thought Dr Mulality had advised you to avoid thinking.

I just want my newspaper to write about something else for a change! :smiley: (Don’t worry… 99% of me was joking…)

Its OK Jaysen, Siren`s a Daily Mail reader :open_mouth:

Shrieks of outrage! :open_mouth:

Daily Sport?! Sun?! Star?! Express?! God forbid The Telegraph!! Which? :confused:

I think I’m detecting, Jaysen, that you’re not necessarily a “shining city on the hill”/“last best hope” sort of American patriot? :wink:


I think Jaysens problem, like a lot of Americans, is: hes looking at his country, with his heart, but he cant get his head around what he sees. I suspect, and hope, with all ‘my’ heart, that tomorrow, his, not unfounded disenchantment and disillusionment, will begin a steady process of dissipation.

Obama is no messiah, and he wont deliver unto us, Utopia/nirvana, but I believe hes the right guy at the right time. I could be wrong...lets see. :wink:
Take care

PS Take a look at the Onion: theonion.com/content/node/89515
This is from it

The problem is that we (the American) are unable to see the real problem. While I detest both candidates I am not convinced the Obama IS the right choice for one reason only. He wants to mitigate (my word not his) the current disasters we (America again) are in. While this seems like a good idea, so does putting more lipstick on an ugly pig when you are looking for a hot date.

My dilemma is this: Is the immediate collapse of US economy better than a long dragged out decline?

It is inevitable that we (everyone, not just the US) are headed for 1921 all over again. If we wind up with McCain this decline will be rapid and rebuilding will begin within a his single term. If we get Obama we will slowly sink over the course of 8 or 10 years arriving at the rebuild point in 10-15 years. Obama will try to solve the “issue” but the problem is not financial., it is ethical.

If you look a the “crisis” it is due to greedy, lying, manipulative gamblers. McCain’s stance of “accountable for action” might allow for a rebuilding of the financial foundations in a very short window. Effectively a short sever depression that will look like a bounce.

Obama will try to soften the fall. In the long run this will drain the middle class of all assets leaving all the wealth in the hands of a few uber rich. Just like the Roosevelt/Eisenhower days. Obama will work in the best interest of “the people” but unlike those time (R/E) we will still be going downhill, not recovering, hence the best intentions will exasperate, not relive the situation. To make it worse, everything else about Obama screams “VOTE FOR ME”. I like the man, the ideas, the theory of his plans.

What is an honest person to do? Vote for MY benefit, or yours? If I vote to alleviate the Iraq situation (I am with you all on this one) I stand an extremely high chance of dooming my children to an unsustainable future. If I vote my ethics then I doom the word to a continuation of the last 8 years. Either way I loose. So do you. We are doomed.

How is your day going?


Thanks for trying to figure this out. I have never had such a consuming black mood descend on me as the one that has accompanied this election. I am ready to quit, throw in the towel. I see no hope for the future. Yet I need to keep my chin up for snort, the daughditor, little boy, and the guys at work. “Lead by example” is the moto that is killing me right now. If I really tell them that I have lost hope for a stable future … what is left?

I feel like the man on the ship who needs to decide if his end will be by the fire burning the ship to the waterline, or as food to the sharks in the water.

Come what may, I can stand and say that I cast my vote for reasons that I hold dear.

Disagree about the inevitability of Depression. Its worth remembering that the current problems really only belong to America and Britain and anyone else stupid enough to get involved with our bankers. Plenty of other countries are doing well and will continue to do so. As for who American’s should vote for? I don’t know. The best option, imho, was lost in the Democratic Nominations somewhere…

Mr BIden has a nice smile though…

But the main reason that Obama HAS to win is a certain Alaskan Governor, who would start WW3 within six months of getting into office…

I cast an early “absentee” ballot yesterday, trying to avoid what I thought would be tremendous lines at the polls today. Oops! Apparently, a third of the voters here in my little chunk of Northeastern Ohio had the same thought! Well, I’m still glad I cast my ballot, even after waiting three hours to do so. I’m gladder still to see such tremendous turnout. Some folks did complain about the wait, but there were others who piped up and reminded the grousers that there have been people in this country who braved bodily injury and death just to register to vote.

At this point, I’ve stopped praying that any particular candidate wins. I’m just praying for my country.

But vic-k, I think you and Fluff have nailed the whole problem with the U.S.:

Too many here in the States avoid thinking. That’s why I’ve taken to praying.

Hmm, Michigan and Ohio just tipped blue. At this point it looks like an Obama win, potentially a very decisive win. McCain would have to pull off a Pennsylvania in a state other than Pennsylvania, and take Florida which is still up in the air, at this point to have any chance at all. Counting the current calls, plus Obama’s safe states, he’s already at 284 points; hence the need for a major upset somewhere. Out of the blue, so to speak.

There’s all those western states with a view of the ocean that are sure to prefer blue as well. It’s only the dust-covered no-ocean desert voters up the middle who feel more comfortable surrounded by red!

(Or aren’t American deserts red-tinged like ours?)

Yes, most of our deserts are red. The high-altitude plains (which constitute most of the “middle” actually) just look like dead grass.

Well, that might not have been exciting in a nip-and-tuck, down-to-the-line sort of way, but this morning it certainly feels momentous.

A couple of (rhetorical :wink: ) questions: who writes Obama’s speeches? Whoever it is, they’ve certainly learnt the Rule of Threes ("… one day, one hour, one defining moment…"). And will writers now be queueing up for the chance to make their names by supplying him with words for the Inaugural? Or will he, like Kennedy, roll his own?


P.S. Jaysen: yes, some unwinding is certainly going to happen. And the issue is the speed: fast or slow? But slow gives ordinary folk more time to adjust, and thus may do less damage.