On vulgarity and procrastination

vulgarity need a voice too - sorry is that bit pseudo for you :smiley:

*EDIT - I would like to deny authorship of this thread :slight_smile:…My comment was about page 3 of a thread on procrastination and the mods saw below and gave these 2 their own double act :slight_smile:

VULGARITY!!! :open_mouth:jeeezz!

Y just dont know the meaning of the word, where Pinks concerned!

She can do things with vulgarity, that you`ve never dreamed of :blush:

Mind you, she could be just what you need(inspiration wise), depends on the genre you work in(or should be working in) :wink:

Anyway, enough of this procrastinating.

Welcome to Pink`s Massage Parlour :blush: sorry I meant Scrivener, driftwood.
Take care

The working girl has got to eat, Vic!

Yeah! But theres eating and then theres gorging. We all know what your inclinations are, y little slut! :open_mouth:

I dont know why Im doing this :confused: I have forsworn the sensuous pleasures of ,Forum Whoring, after rededicating myself to the boring life of a student scribbler. I`m gonna have to get my act together :blush:

you know you want to, Vic.

You can write about it afterwards. :wink:

I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!! I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!
I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!!I dont!! And anyway, Ive got some procrastinating to be doing. So there!!

think of it as research.

get thee hence Demonic sprite!!! Be gone to buggery with y`!!!

And now look who’s brought up the subject of buggery! You calleth me a demon, you warped personage?


ooo!! Sorrrrryyy Keeeith!! Sorrrrryyy Keeeith!! Sorrrrryyy Keeeith! :open_mouth:

Y creeping little tart :imp: It`s all you fault anyway

Thrown out of a forum :open_mouth: :blush: I`ll never live it down!! jeezz tch! tch!

my fault? How low can you stoop, that you pass your uncontrollable urges off as MY fault.

I should be able to rise above this :cry:

but if not, there are herbal remedies you can try.

I am inured and indeed, immune to your wily subterfugeous gameplay, young lady( I use the term lady in its most ironic sense, obviously).

I choose not to take the bait, so do your worst, for I care not.

Adieu little Pink, adieu.

. :mrgreen:

ok, I’ll go find someone else to play with then!


but then again :confused: the way you say, “Pfffft!” in such a beguiling manner, is enough to provoke serious reappraisal of the situation…sod it!!!. Are y` cummin out to play, then?

Since this topic is about vulgarity and procrastination, I’d have to say… later.

so wot y doin then! ey. Playin ard t` get :confused: tch! typical bird!!

Since this topic is about vulgarity and procrastination, I have to say… £#@&!*$ Merry Christmas to everyone. :smiley: