On Your Honor (NiaD X)


On Your Honor was written as a Novel in a Day on Saturday 10th October 2020
Four versions were produced: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.

BLUE was written by:
B. Morris Allen, Charlotte Barker, Mark Rothwell,
Matt Jardine, Ryker Hayes, Jacqueline S Miller,
M.T. Decker, Katie Quintero, Jaysen O’Dell,
Michael Roberts, Bron Hogan, Nate Kennedy,
Annette Pateman, Cassandra Lee, Ian E Hart,
Dan Hallberg, Julia Ward, GabD, and Richard D. Andrews

GREEN was written by:
Adela Torres, Ron Ward, Waleed Ovase,
Chelsea Fuchs, John S, Tim Edwards-Hart,
Nick Calvert, Kristie Claxton, K.R.Pynes,
Sam Pynes, LG Red, Ioa Petra’ka,
Sue Cowling, Cathi Radner Castrio, Ian Philpot,
E. Kinna , Jeanette Everson, Dañiel Garcia, and John Gray

YELLOW was written by:
Michael Bywater, Heather Lovelace-Gilpin, Jeni Blue,
Russella Lucien, Emily Thrash, Wangari Muchui,
Conrad Gempf, Rodrigo Seisdedos, S.R. Martin,
Oleksandr Baranov AKA Garrett, Mirela Vasconcelos, Sey M.,
Joan Grey, Dawn Oshima, Ian Philpot,
Dan Hallberg, Jeanette Everson, Kimberlee Gerstmann, and J.D. Salt

RED was written by:
Adela Torres, Pete Barclay-George, Waleed Ovase,
Greg Ray, Ryker Hayes, Tim Edwards-Hart,
Nick Calvert, Kristie Claxton, S.R. Martin,
Michael Roberts, Susan K. Maina, Pete Becker,
Sue Cowling, Cassandra Lee, Ian E Hart,
E. Kinna , Julia Ward, Kimberlee Gerstmann, and J.D. Salt

You can download the books for free here:




All of the versions were compiled using the Mac version of Scrivener. You can download the Scrivener project (which includes all the chapter briefs sent out to participants) here, along with the compile settings use to produce the books here.

A Mac v2 / Windows v1 compatible version of the Scrivener project is available here, along with older Mac v2 compile settings here.

Blue AND Red, what an honour! Now I just have to check which narrative I managed to subvert the most. (Can I have my 2020 cup-o-pencils now please?)

Same here Ian. Vicariously enjoying my own handiwork (+ surprising things I forgot to leave out) as well.

Realised I still had traces of my “boyfriend” (must have the air quotes) in my writing… We haven’t spoken in a while. I’m sure he’s forgotten me. I wish it were just as easy for me.

Wahey! Looking forward to seeing just how much my chapter doesn’t fit :slight_smile:

It’s great to see my chapter and how the research I did for it planned out and for in the context of the blur book.
Such fun.

I still don’t understand how to get a signature for NiaD 91/2 and NiaD 10
Something about signature part. I’m not very tech savvy
But I do want to show of my achievement on here
91/2 and 10

Meant to say blue book
Didn’t use preview

IT is really interesting to see how things fit (or don’t fit) together - I started reading Blue (which I’m in) got to my chapter and then read all the other 7s. it’s amazing how 4 different people can take the same outline and come up with something completely different.

I’m a seven! I’m just reading through all of Blue to begin with … thought you did a good job … I like the genuine real-world specifics you put in that I’m so short on — shoes and drinks … and an FTP server!!! Good job.

It feels like I would’ve benefited (or my chapter) if I knew the other events that already passed. For example, I pondered about mentioning a fling between Danny and Alice but I decided against it, and if I knew about the preliminary events around Scott, that fling could be an organic fit in the whole story

Here’s the code for 9.5 - you paste it into your signature which is under settings:

The one for 2020 is coming when Pigfender recovers!

Thanks! I had to reconoiter that bit - I thought about 1991 for everything but the tech. Fortunately someone mentioned it on the forum early on and I had to remind myself of what the tech was like back then.

I love the imagery and feel in your version, There’s this beautiful symmetry throughout.

laughs I actually read ‘blue’ and then had to go back and look when I read this message.

I am Chapter Ten in the Yellow book, by the way.
As I’m new to this whole thing, and English in not my native language, would appreciate any kind of feedback.
As I plan to continue writing in English to publish my dream project eventually

Green and Red for me still working way through them its so interesting how they work together

Congratulations to everyone. Have just read the first chapter of Blue, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the rest.

The Bespoke Edition of ‘On Your Honor’ (NIAD 2020) is now posted!


This web-based setting of the novel includes every version of every chapter in a form that makes them easy to browse and select and read, so you can mix and match your own bespoke edition of this extraordinary novel.

Thanks to Pigfender and Rog for another incredible year!


Note: I like to “buy local” including my ISP, so sometimes your initial visit to the site can be slow to load. (What? Does their server have to wake up? Am I their only client? I don’t know. :unamused: ) Sip some tea.

Thanks gr!!!

Tea - sure. Was thinking of spinning up my own server early last year but it got pushed to the back burner. Seems too late to start with Eric A. Blair’s fiction becoming reality, and sobering stuff to handle first.

Every time I refer to you in my own private musings, I sound bearish like, “I wonder when grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is going to release the bespoke NiaD…” Muchas gracias otra vez.
I wonder: aren’t Pigfender and Rog the same person? Or maybe two sides of the same? Hmm…

Perhaps in a way akin to NIAD cups, I should, with each bespoke edition release, add an ‘r’ to the ‘gr’, and in that way your inner monologue would manifest itself in the world (again).


Oh, don’t overburden yourself with the extra groan-like r’s …

This: http://www.gbrish.net/niadweb/2020/ utterly ROCKS! Thanks gr!

In these days of climate change, extinctions, and the big orange T, it’s lucky that the 1,088,391,168 versions of On Your Honor are digital only. Otherwise we’d be deforesting the planet faster than McDonalds.

My thanks to everyone for the fun. :smiley: