One Random Blank Page in Compiled Script?

Hi Im a new user. I completed my script and compiled it as a pdf but there is a random blank page on the 37th page? I’ve checked the formatting and cant see a reason for this. All the other pages are fine. Does anyone have an idea of how I can correct his please. Many thanks in advance. Oan

Hey Obone–
I had this happen to me too. In my case several pages were blank. My solution was to go to the section immediately preceding the blank page and look at it in the editor. Turn on the Invisibles (View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles). The very last line in the section was followed by the Paragraph Return mark. This means the section text is followed by a blank line (which you can’t see). Depending on where this blank line falls, it can trigger a blank page in the PDF. The solution is to insert your cursor in the blank line and hit delete. Your cursor will move back to the final line of text and eliminate the final paragraph return.

As I said, this worked for me. You may have something else going on.

Thanks great, thanks David, I’ll go through and try that. Thanks very much for posting a reply.



If this is the case, this compile setting can help:

Slàinte mhòr.