Is it safe to use OneDrive to store my Scrivener projects? I do not plan to sync or use the iOS Scrivener App or Scrivener on a Windows PC – only on my MacBook.

I use OneDrive as a cloud backup and all user data files are stored within the OneDrive folder on my Mac.



Perfectly safe if you use it as the location for zip backups.

Thanks! I plan to store the zip backups as well as the base project files. Is it ok to store the project files as well on OneDrive? Technically they are on my MacBook HD – but under the OneDrive folder so that they are always backed up.

I’ve seen posts here from people who have had no issues using OneDrive to store their live projects (base project folders).

I’ve also seen posts where projects stored on OneDrive have been mangled.

So–it’s a risk.

If you’re already storing your zipped projects on OneDrive, then I see no upside for also storing your live projects there.

In fact, if through some snafu your OneDrive account was deleted or you inadvertently deleted all your OneDrive folders via the browser or some other accident (it happens), you’d lose everything. A sync service syncs whether you want it to or not. :frowning:


There are other cloud services.
I have live projects in Dropbox, backups in Mega.

Please read this article, on best practices to reduce the risk of synchronization errors: … c-services

And this one, on OneDrive specifically: … e-advisory


If you try it, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the OneDrive client. Always make sure that the folder where you keep your project files is set to “Always keep on this device” so that OneDrive is always syncing all of the files you have in your Scrivener project, not just some of them.

I would also be VERY careful about using OneDrive to store both live project files and backups, as Jim said. My strategy is to use Dropbox for my active projects, and OneDrive for my zipped backup files and archived projects. This way if I ever need to sync to iOS, my active projects are already on the right service.