OneDrive linking for iPad Pro version?


I have been using Scrivener for years, on my Macbook. Previously I was on Dropbox, but recently moved all my files over to OneDrive. On my Macbook, it’s been a seamless switch, but I’m not finding that to be the case on iOS. Is there a way to link my iOS Scrivener app with OneDrive?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Also, in the interest of keeping things civil, please don’t try and convince me to return to Dropbox, we all have our workflows and whatnot, and I have found OneDrive works best for mine. I’m hoping I can include Scrivner on my iPad pro in that grouping!

Hello outflare, and welcome back.

The only syncing option for Scrivener for iOS is via Dropbox. As that Knowledge Base article notes, “Currently, there are no plans to add support for syncing with other cloud solutions such as iCloud or OneDrive. As much as we love iCloud, it is not currently compatible with the sort of file format used by Scrivener.”

Well, I have the same sort of allergy for OneDrive, but I tried something with Google Drive, which might well work where you want. And though it probably doesn’t give what you’d like…

On the iPad, if you view the initial Projects screen, on the listing to the left is an Edit button.

Click that, then select the project you’d like to send from the vertical list. Then there’s a box with up arrow on the line of icons below that list. This opens a usual Share sheet, and you should be able to locate your OneDrive with it, then set a folder to upload to.

What this gets you is a zip of the project at the other end, so it’s not directly openable by Scrivener there. And you would have to manually delete and replace your Macbook project from the zip.

Honestly, I can find a complaint with any of the cloud services. Dropbox, however, does work smoothly with Scrivener, which is more than I can say for how it has come to work generally, because Scrivener works through its API. I have yet to see a problem with this.

So you might consider just biting the bullet and having Dropbox only for this purpose. The free account should have more than enough capacity for things you’d do with Scrivener.

Gnashing of teeth doesn’t get the boys attention at all, or convince to change their ways, so might as well just take advantage when there is one, and think on other things, no?

Thanks both for the reply. Disappointing, but I understand.

There was an illuminating post by KB last September on the question of why iOS Scrivener doesn’t work directly with iCloud. I think the issues he is explaining there would be multiplied in relation to other services like OneDrive. Dropbox is different in that they make available an API that Scrivener can leverage; none of the other Sync services do.

Note, I don’t have any experience of OneDrive … I don’t even consider using iCloud for sync’ing Scrivener projects between my Macs.


@outflare, I use Scrivener on PC and iOS, and do what @narrsd suggests above. I use OneDrive to sync everything on my PC except Scrivener projects–for those I use DropBox.

I hope you don’t consider this evangelizing, but I did want to mention that I’ve found this to be a viable approach.


In that post, KB does also mention that iCloud (and one could extrapolate, possibly other cloud support) is possible and coming at some point in the future, likely in a major upgrade such as Scrivener 4. There haven’t been any announcements on when that might be expected, but given that v3 for Windows just came out last March, I wouldn’t expect it in the immediate future.

@outflare OneDrive is a viable option to computer-to-computer syncing, but as @RuthS mentioned, not for iOS. To sync files with your iPad Pro, you’d need to go back to Dropbox or you could manually transfer files back and forth between the iPad and your other devices using something like the alternative sync approach.