Only prints 1 page

For some reason when I compile, either to Print or to PDF and hit print, even though it says 39 pages, it is only printing the first page. I’ve tried changing different settings and even selecting a specific other page and it still only prints the first. Any thoughts?

If you inspect the PDF file in something like Preview, are all of the pages there?


Yes. I opened it in preview and selected another page and tried printing it, still only the first page printed. I also tried setting the date range instead of just the ‘all’ selection and still only got the first page to print.


What’s on the second page?

Are you able to print directly from Scrivener using the File -> Print Current Document command?

Are you able to print other PDF files successfully from Preview?


  1. Just to leave no stone unturned:
    When the Print dialog box opens up, make sure the option is picked to print Pages: All.

  2. While messing around, have you tried in the print dialog box explicitly tell it to print the page span you want (using the From-To option)? I wonder what happens then.