Only prints first eleven pages...?

I’m trying to print a scrivener project I used as a draft for a presentation. When I either cmd-P print it, or “Compile Draft,” it only shows the first eleven pages of the document.

What am I missing? The document has only about 1,000 words, but I pasted a bunch of images in. Would that effect it? Why only the first eleven pages?

When I tried to “select all” and cut and paste to Textedit, it also only got the same first pages worth. Weird?

Any help would be swell. I assume I’m missing something simple?


The images will be the problem. There is a bug in the OS X text system whereby if an image is wider than the page, the text system panics in trying to push it onto the next and then the next forever, and instead gives up and doesn’t print anything from that point onwards.

I’ve found a fix for this for 2.0 to limit the image width to the width of the page, but in the meantime it is easy enough to work around. Just go through the images and double-click on them to bring up the image tools panel, and shrink them down a bit, until they will no longer be wider than the page.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thank you Keith!

I’d just narrowed it down (so to speak) to certain images, and when I replaced them it stopped the problem. I guess I could have just adjusted them. Thanks for fixing it!